Welcome to NARAYANIMAA EXIM PVT. LTD. (CIN-US1909WB2022PTC252554.), which maintains and operates the website (USRA.IN). When you visit or shop at USRA.IN, use USRA products or services, or use software provided by USRA in connection with any of the aforementioned, you agree to the following terms and conditions. The following terms and conditions apply to the Services that USRA offers. You (“you” or “End User” or “your” or “Buyer” or “Customer” or “Registered User”) and USRA are parties to this user agreement (the “Terms and Conditions” or “T&C” or “Terms” or “Agreement”) (“COMPANY” or “us” or “we” or “USRA.IN”). There are neither physical nor digital signatures necessary for this electronic record because it is produced by a computer system. Regardless of what is written or stated in any other document, if there


The Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time without giving you any prior notice. The most recent version of the Terms & Conditions is always available on the Website. You should frequently check the website’s Terms & Conditions. You can stop using the service if the updated Terms & Conditions are unacceptable to you. You will be regarded to have accepted and agreed to abide by the updated Terms & Conditions of this Website if you choose to use the service, nonetheless.


The pricing of our products as listed on USRA.IN represents the product’s Maximum Retail Price (MRP).The local tax, surcharge, shipping, and processing fees that will be charged in accordance with Indian law will apply to such MRP. in addition to the regular taxes it must pay, COMPANY maintains the right to collect any additional taxes and/or levies, duties, or surcharges.

Without prior notice, our product prices can vary. We retain the right to change or stop providing the Service (or any feature or material within) at any time and without prior notice. Any time a product is altered, its price is changed, it is suspended, or it is discontinued, we are not responsible to you or to any third parties.


We disclaim all liability for any loss or damage incurred by you as a result of using any of the payment methods we provide, including but not limited to the following: (a) failure to obtain authorization for any transaction(s); (b) exceeding the pre-set limit mutually agreed upon by you and your “Bank(s)”; (c) problems with payments resulting from the transaction; (d) decline of transaction for any other reason. You must make all payments in accordance with the prices listed for the goods and services on USRA.IN, as well as the terms and conditions of the third-party online payment gateway services that have been accepted and applied to your transaction with COMPANY’s approval. Before sending your order to you, we will need you to provide supporting documentation (such as, but not limited to, a government-issued ID and address verification) to prove that the payment method you used to make the purchase is in fact yours. This is done to provide our users with a risk-free and secure online buying environment. PayPal, Razorpay, and any other available third-party services will be used by COMPANY to accept payments on the website. Such payments must only be paid electronically, if the COMPANY so chooses, which is at its exclusive discretion. The User Agreement, Seller Terms, Conditions, and any additional rules and policies that may be necessary and appropriate given the nature of your activities will govern your use of such third-party services. Your billing name and address must coincide with the credit/debit card being used for payment in order to maintain security. Any order that does not meet these requirements is subject to cancellation and refund at our discretion. Regardless of the country where the goods or services are delivered, the pricing is always as stated. According to the Overseas Delivery Clause, there may be Customs Duty & Taxes for international shipment depending on the country of delivery. If no shipping fee is specified in any promotional offer, it will be added at checkout.


We deliver practically everywhere in the world. Our Terms and Conditions apply to all orders for shipping outside of the United States. PO Boxes are not where we deliver. There is a shipping fee for each transaction. Depending on the deals, shipping costs may occasionally be totally or partially eliminated. All delivery dates are subject to the accuracy of the addresses provided and the availability of the desired goods at the time of dispatch. Please be careful to include accurate contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers with area codes, so we can get in touch with you if there are any inconsistencies with your transaction.

While we will make every effort to fulfil every purchase, if you are not home when the package is delivered, a card will be left and it will either be delivered to a neighbor or returned to the depot. You are in charge of making arrangements for pickup or redelivery. We will only provide a refund for the products in a package if it is reported as undeliverable. A new postage fee will be charged if you still want the package resent.

In some situations, the delivery service will destroy the package if you are unavailable at the specified address for longer than 7 days. In such circumstances, we would not be liable for the package. In such cases, refund requests won’t be honoured.

Any delay or failure to deliver a product resulting from events outside of our reasonable control, such as (without limitation) delays or failures brought on by inclement weather, strikes, or transportation issues, shall not subject us to any obligation to you. If the consignment does not contain a complete and accurate address, pin code, and telephone number for the customer, we are not responsible for paying a refund for a late delivery.

If the delivery is delayed because of problems with customs clearance, we are not responsible for paying a refund. Or for delays brought on by your actions or inactions, or those of other regulatory bodies.


We have the right to reject or revoke any order for any reason at our sole discretion. Limitations on the number of items that can be ordered, inconsistencies or mistakes in product or pricing information, or issues discovered by our credit and fraud prevention department are a few instances that could lead to the cancellation of your order. Before approving any order, we can additionally need more proof or information. If all or any part of your order is cancelled or if further information is needed to accept your order, we will get in touch with you. The cash will be returned to the account from which payment was made if your order is cancelled after you have paid for it. You have the right to cancel any order you have placed if you decide to do so for any reason. Within 24 hours of placing an order, this should take place. For any cancellation requests, you can send an email to narayanimaaexim@gmail.com. Phone and internet chat services are not allowed for cancellation requests. Once an order has been placed for a product in a clearance sale, it cannot be cancelled. If you decide to cancel an order, you have the choice of receiving a full refund of the purchase price, a fully usable discount code, or shop credit.


Some nations impose import limitations on particular goods or resources. Before placing an order for overseas delivery, it is your responsibility to inquire with your local customs office. Due to any customs, legal, or regulatory restrictions, we cannot assume any liability for any delays or failures in the product getting to you on time. If we feel that delivery may be restricted in the destination country, we reserve the right to refuse to process an order for any product. We provide all of our rates and sell all of our products with delivery duties not charged. A customs tax or import duty may need to be paid before the product may be shipped to you. Depending on the local rules of the delivery area, additional taxes, fees, or levies can also be due. Before placing an order, please verify any additional fees for international shipping to your desired country since we are unable to assume any liability for this.

You are not eligible for any reductions or VAT/Duty refunds, but the price stays the same despite the absence of VAT/Duties charges. Regardless of the country where the goods or services are delivered, the pricing is always as stated. Any of the methods listed on our website in the currency you have selected to pay with can be used to make international payments. The specified currency would be used for settlement. If you decide not to pay with your local currency, your card issuer can charge you a transaction fee. Please confirm this with the society or bank that issues your credit card.


We frequently check transactions for fraudulent behavior in order to give customers a safe and secure purchasing experience. We reserve the right to revoke any pending, current, and future orders without incurring any liability in the event that any suspicious conduct is discovered. Except for the processing fee of the payment gateway or as per the terms of the Transaction merchant, we will credit your account with the amount that was charged if your order is cancelled after it has been charged to your card.

In the event that any of the following conditions are true, the client may be regarded as fraudulent:

  • The payment verification email that we issued to the customer receives no response. During the payment information verification, the customer fails to present sufficient documentation.
  • misuse of a customer’s phone number or email.
  • Customer uses an erroneous phone number and email.
  • misuse of a discount code.
  • using a special coupon that isn’t associated with the email address utilised.
  • Customer sends back the incorrect item.
  • The customer declines to pay for the purchase.
  • Any order involves the customer in a grab-and-run.


Products on COMPANY’s website try to be as accurate as they can. However, COMPANY makes no promises as to the veracity, thoroughness, reliability, timeliness, or error-freeness of any product descriptions or other information. Your only option if a product provided by the COMPANY is not as described is to contact the COMPANY within 48 hours of receipt, and the COMPANY maintains the right to give a remedy at its discretion. As a matter of company policy, COMPANY is not required to grant any refunds, permit exchanges, or accept returns.


Because we could request images of some made-to-measure items and work to improve our quality to prevent future problems, our focus is on preventing returns and learning the cause. We also have a simple return policy since we want your interaction with us to be pleasant and carefree. Clothing that has been specially made or stitched, such as ready-made sarees or sarees with a custom blouse, cannot be returned. However, if there are any errors on our end, we would accept returns. If you don’t like the goods you received from us, you have seven days to return it back to us in its original packaging and condition. The remaining 10% is for payment processing and other fees; we will reimburse 90% of your money.

You can send things back to the local post office or courier service. Please be sure you get enough insurance to cover the value of the returned products and to keep the postage receipt. Since we cannot assume any responsibility for things until they are delivered to our offices,


Refunds are processed seven days after any returns are received. Only the credit card, debit card, shop credit, or a gift certificate for a refund can be used to receive a refund.

Processing refunds could be a little bit delayed during busy times, such sales or holiday seasons.

Only if the product is returned with all of its tags attached and in the same condition as when it was delivered to you will refunds be granted.

We would never, ever return more than the cost of the product.

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