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Shola grows in the water logged marshy areas of Bengal. Shola also referred to as Indian cork is a milky-white spongy plant botanically known as Aeschynomene aspera. Brown sticks of Shola are procured and peeled to get the white pith, which is used to make exquisite crafts. Shola is inextricably linked with the Bengali lifestyle and culture. The symbolic abstraction of emotions using Shola is imbibed in the day to day life of the Bengalis. The product ranges are varied. Ritualistic products, Decorative products, Replica Models and Puppets are the most important of the lot. Shola craft is associated with Bengali’s greatest Festival Durga Puja. The idols are decorated with Sholapith ornaments which are done by most of the Shola craftsperson. Topor (wedding headdress) and Sheethi Mukut are important parts of Bengali wedding which are also commonly found in every region.



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This work of shola is encased in a glass box.The size of the glass box is given below

LENGTH 16.5″
WIDTH 5.5″
HEIGHT 13.5″



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